SMR students participate in the final Digi4Social project meeting

Last Wednesday, November 7, our students of the Microinformatics Systems and Networks training cycle had the opportunity to witness the final meeting of the Digi4social project. SMR students participate in the final Digi4Social project meeting.

After having been involved in the development of the different applications that are part of the project throughout these two years of work, in this meeting, they have participated in different workshops visiting the facilities of AIJU, the toy technological institute that participates as a partner and which has been a great support for us in this project of which we are coordinators.

In the presentation of the results of the various technologies that have been used in the project were also members of the rest of participating centres, Portuguese, Slovenian and Turkish, as well as media of the entire province of Alicante.

There is less to be able to present to all our final product.


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