New technologies at the service of coexistence

The degree of violence that is lived in the classrooms is a new phenomenon that reveals a change in the socialization of the child. The public administrations, the schools, the families, all seek their eradication with different methods. The bet of our school is being important in this issue. Many activities are being implemented and measures are taken so that bullying does not take place in our classrooms.

At the stage of Vocational Training, an Erasmus KA2 project was requested last year, whose title is «Increase the skills and competences of students in the development of digital content for social issues». The objective of the project is the development of a «serious game»; a graphic application with social content. The project has been granted for two years.

It aims to improve the digital competences of our Vocational Training students in terms of 2D, 3D and hardware graphics programming (implementation through Arduino), bringing them closer to the reality of the work environment, while obtaining a competent product in the social field for management of multiple intelligences (inter and intrapersonal) with students from early educational stages, in which to apply preventive techniques that help maintain a climate of tolerant and inclusive coexistence in the center, working as one of the main topics of school bullying.

This application, as it has been said, will be used by the students of lower stages and will be part of the programming of different activities that the school carries out during the school year. On the other hand, the application will be transferred to all schools that wish it.

The project consists of five partners: schools in Slovenia, Portugal and Turkey; AIJU (Technological Institute specialized in research in the safety of toys, children’s products, leisure and with a lot of experience in European projects) and as a coordinating partner of our center.

In this project all students and professors of Vocational Training are involved, since Microinformatics Systems and Networks will develop the application and, both Administrative Management and the higher Administration and Finance will be responsible for accounting, dissemination, intellectual property, monitoring and evaluation of the project. All this will entail an adaptation of the teachers’ programming to introduce the competences that our students will achieve with the realization of this project.

The teachers are already working on the implementation and protocols of the activities to be carried out. The first one is a meeting with our European partners and AIJU. This meeting will take place in our school on February 7 and 8.

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