Información “Our small homelands”


This project is to show the beauty of small homelands.
During this project we are going to
– make a project logo
– make a padlet which shows photos (and other works)
– create interactive books about our cities
– prepare interactive activities (such as memory games, puzzles, quizzes)
– make short movies which show little homelands in different countries
– prepare a film which sum up the project

Work Process

We intent all partners will communicate on facebook, e-mail and use the eTwinning website or some external tools supporting information exchange. The students will make photos, draw, do some coding activities, make puzzles, do memo games, prepare short films, make pictures or other works, books, audio- and video materials.

Expected results

– a padlet
– interactive books
– exchanging quizes

Students will improve their language, ICT, art and social skills.
They will know more about different countries and their small homelands. They will cooperate with their foreign friends.

Teachers will develop their professional skills. They will cooperate with each other.